Drom, romské středisko

Drom, Romany Center, located in Brno, helps to reduce impacts of social exclusion in Roma communities. Drom is a charitable organization founded by the City of Brno - Northern District. District. Drom has been carrying out a wide range of activities in socially disadvantaged areas since 1989. Among its chief activities are:

In 2005 these activities were broadened by two international projects which concentrate on the issue of employment (project Mikrobus, the EQUAL Initiative) and health care (Sastipen ČR Health Assistants in Socially Excluded Areas).

The project Craft rooms, which was carried out in the period March - October 2005, also dealt with the issue of employment. The goal of the project was to increase participants' qualifications and earning capacity and to initiate a distribution net of home producers and purchasers.

The center's primary target group are the inhabitants of socially excluded areas in Brno, namely in the localities Brno - Zábrdovice, Brno- Husovice and Brno-Center. However, in 2005, thanks to the projects Mikrobus and Sastipen Drom's activities were extended to national level.

Drom, Romany Center continued to cooperate with Drom, o.p.s on two tier educational program for social field workers and 22 social field workers completed the first tier training. Also the continuing cooperation between Drom and Verda Foundation, that supports Roma students, proved to be effective.

The goal of Drom, Romany Center is to address the issue of social exclusion complexly in interaction with experts and to solve the actual problems and needs of our target groups.

In 2005, 1500 clients made use of the Center's services.